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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas 2012

We had a great Christmas this year. Santa was very good to Landon. He even remembered the chocolate milk, which made Landon very happy! 
Landon was gifted a number of large toys, but his favorite of all was the cheapest and simplest toy- a small eagle. 
Another highlight of Christmas this year was seeing Landon's stocking finally completed. It was four years in the making due to several reasons. I was so happy to see it completed and hanging this year. Landon was happy to see it overflowing! 
I didn't take many pictures because I had to use my camera as a video recorder. I couldn't find any tapes for my actual camcorder at the stores. Who would have thought that all of the stores would have been sold out on Christmas Eve?! I'll make sure not to wait until the last minute for one next time. I don't regret recording it off of my camera one bit. It did mean that I had to relinquish the picture taking control and depend on my sister's pictures, but it was completely worth it once I watched the recording Christmas night and was able to see an hour worth of excitement and laughter all over again. 
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