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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Grand Plans

I had these grand plans of writing several in detail catch up posts. That clearly isn't happening any time soon. Until then, I'll just catch everyone up on what's been going on around here as of lately. Landon graduated pre-school and will be starting kindergarten in about a week. Where has the time gone?
The first weekend of summer (two days after school ended) Kevin and I took Landon to Hannah Park for what was supposed to be the start of an amazing, fun-filled summer. We started the morning off with several relaxing hours at the beach. 
We then moved on to the park for Landon to have some more fun. Our Sunday Funday turned into an emergency trip to the hospital and Landon coming home with his first broken bone. He broke both bones in his arm right at his wrist. 
So far he's had two surgeries on it to try to repair the damage. The second surgery was just last week. He's also on cast number 5 with probably two more to go. His summer is not only shot, but because of the amount of damage done to his arm he'll be starting kindergarten with a cast on his arm. He also has to miss out on the current soccer season as well. Kevin and I are trying our best to keep him from using his arm. Cast or no cast, Landon is still Landon. He's still doing his crazy, dare devil stunts. He is still managing to make the most of his summer and has been rather easy going with all of the doctor appointments and limitations with his arm so far. 

We're hopeful that this was the last surgery. We have a post-op appointment coming up and we'll know more then. In the midst of all of the hospital visits, Landon had another milestone occur. He lost his very first tooth! A second tooth is now loose so it too should fall out shortly. He's growing up too fast! 

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