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Monday, May 28, 2012


L is for Landon
and Love
and Laughter.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Birthday Wreath

I've been wanting to make a birthday wreath for quite some time and finally tackled it earlier this month. May is birthday month in this household because all birthdays fall during May. I knew making the wreath would be worth it in the end since I can justify keeping it up all month long. The wreath was easy to make, just time consuming. I made it off and on for two days. It required the use of 180 or so balloons. I have a short attention span so after pinning 40 balloons on I was ready to get up and move on to something else.

All that is needed to make a birthday wreath is:
  • a straw wreath
  • floral pins
  • balloons (and lots of them)
  • ribbon
  • scrapbook paper and a picture (optional)
I left the plastic wrapping on the straw wreath and then placed a balloon onto the wreath with a floral pin. I repeated this process over and over again until the wreath was nice and full.
I then decided that the wreath needed a little something in the middle of it. I took some scrapbook paper and framed it around a picture. I then cut another piece of scrapbook paper and placed a number 4 (the age my son was turning) sticker onto that piece of paper. I used a sticker so that it could be customized year after year. The picture is also able to be removed because I made a frame for it by cutting a piece of cardboard and gluing the scrapbook paper around it while leaving an opening at the top to remove the picture. I then glued a piece of ribbon that had cake and party hats on it to the back of the frame and hung it to the top of the wreath with a floral pin.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cars Birthday Party

Landon's Cars party was a success if I do say so myself! Landon loved his party so much that we still have a few of the decorations hanging up. He didn't want them to come down. His Cars party wound up being a lot of fun to plan. Landon picked out his cake months ago (back in January) and we went from there.
I covered our counter area with a black trash bag and then glued yellow strips of construction paper to it to resemble a road. Some of Landon's Cars collection were placed on the road.
Landon's favorite decoration was the L-shaped road that we made and attached a few of his cars to.
My favorite decorations were the napkin and silverware holders. They were so simple to make. I was intimated by the project at first, but they really were super easy to do. The longest part of this project was waiting for the paint to dry. All you have to do is cut the hole of a tissue box slightly larger to resemble a mouth. Paint the boxes and then make the heads and eyes out of construction paper. Add some smaller details, such as teeth and a broken headlight for Mater, and a Rusteeze nose and write Mcqueen's racing number 95 into one of his headlights. They were as simple as that.
Another favorite little touch of mine was the water bottle labels. I didn't want to pay the $0.80 per label price tag that I was finding online so I decided to make my own. I used some checkered flag scrapbook paper, red construction paper and stickers- all of which I had on hand. The only thing that I had to purchase was masking tape to cover the labels so that they would be water proof, which I picked up at the dollar store. I made 24 water bottle labels for $1!
I also made a Pin the Tire on Mcqueen game by coloring a large coloring page from one of Landon's coloring books. I then cut some circles out from black construction paper to resemble the tires.
I also made a sign for the bathroom door out of scrapbook paper and stickers. This is one of the decorations that Landon still requests to be left up.
I had the idea to line the walkway up to the front door with traffic cones and to also have a tower of tires on either side of the driveway. The tower of tires never happened just because I didn't want to be stuck with having to dispose of them after the party- the trash collectors do not pick up discarded tires. I didn't think the neighbors would have appreciated looking at two piles of tires for weeks on end. Traffic cones were also another thing that did not happen. I didn't want my brother's getting into any trouble for stealing traffic cones from roadway work zones (because I know full and well that is what they would have done) so I used soccer cones instead. I tied black and white balloons to them and then placed checkered flags onto wooden dowels and inserted them into the ground between the orange cones.
I love how everything came together for Landon's Cars party and I know he did as well because he is still talking about it.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

Landon was so cute on Mother's Day this year. The night before I told Landon that he would have to wake up and be extra good for me because the next morning would be Mother's Day. Landon remembered this and was on his best behavior all day long. Every time he got himself a juice box or bottle of water he would always bring me one as well. He did the same thing with any snack that he got during the day. He would bring them to me and say, "This is for you because it's Mommy's Day." He helped clean up and gave lots of extra kisses. He even went out and picked out a present for me (with help from my sister). He chose a necklace and he's been so proud of it. Any time I take it off he becomes offended and asks for me to put it back on. My green necklace has been worn almost every day since, whether it clashes with my outfit or not!
Landon also made me a Mother's Day poem with some assistance as well. I'm a sucker for handmade cards from him, especially those that contain his handprints.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Meet Fishy!

We have a new member of our household by the name of Fishy Fish Fish. I took Landon to pick out a new pet for his birthday. A pet of the fur variety was out of the question because of his allergies. For several months now Landon has been running straight towards the fish tanks at the pet store so I knew a fish would be a good alternative for him. It took him a little while to decide on the right fish, but he finally made his decision.

Landon called him by a number of names that first day. He tried Fishy first, changed it to Caillou for a few seconds, changed it again to Swimmer and even gave Fin a try. He then decided on Fishy Fish Fish as the final name for his fish. I thought he would lose interest in the fish quickly since he can't play with it and care for it in the same manner as a four legged pet. Landon has proved me wrong so far. He climbs up onto the chair by the little tank and talks to his fish several times a day. He's constantly begging to feed him and even tried walking around with the fish tank. He still denies that one, but the evidence was everywhere. There was water all around the counter and on the sides of the tank.

He's very concerned about his little fish. He walked so slowly out of the pet store while carrying the fish through the parking lot. He even insisted on being the one to hold the fish on the car ride back home. He held on so tightly and he kept reminding me not to hurt his fish when I transferred him into his new tank. We had to leave for a few hours once we brought the fish back home so he asked Tinkerbell to keep an eye on his fish and not to allow anyone to come into the house and take him! I love the little bit of extra responsibility that this fish has provided Landon.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Landon's 4th Birthday!

Lots of celebrating was had on Landon's birthday. We had a very busy day that involved picking out a new pet, go-kart rides, miniature golf, arcade games and a small family party. The day started with Landon's favorite breakfast- pancakes. Since it was his birthday I topped them with Lightning McQueen and Mater sprinkles.
After breakfast we headed out to Adventure Landing for a day of fun. We rode the go-karts time and time again. Landon didn't like them at first, but then he agreed to ride them once more if I went "yellow light" (really slow). I agreed to drive slowly this next time and when we finished our laps he asked to go again. This time he was brave and kept yelling, "Green light! Go, go! Go like Flash!" So I went as fast as Flash and he loved every minute of it.
We also played miniature golf and Landon even scored his very first hole in one!
Even though it was Landon's birthday I couldn't allow him to beat me at air hockey. I have a reputation to uphold with that game! I did, however, allow him four free goals. I think he may become as competitive as I am with air hockey. He didn't take kindly to losing and he wanted to keep playing it again and again.
Landon has a thing for motorcycles.
Landon wanted to show off his ticket winnings!
Our day at Adventure Landing was topped off with an alligator feeding.
My family then joined us back at home for the traditional birthday cake and opening of presents.
I hung four birthday balloons each filled with a dollar for Landon to pop. He popped the first one and was so scared that he handed the job over to his Uncle Alex. Landon hid in his room until he heard the third pop and then came running out to collect his money. When he finished picking up his money he did his money dance. It's this silly little dance that he does whenever he receives a dollar from someone. (The video is sideways because I was accidentally holding my camera that way).
All in all, I think Landon had a great fourth birthday. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Landon!

Four years ago today our lives were forever changed. What a blessing you have been to all of us Landon.
Happy 4th Birthday Landon Love!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Evenings at the Beach

We spent an evening last week doing one of my most favorite things- having a picnic dinner on the beach. I love going to the beach in the late evening because the weather is cooler and the crowds are gone.  Landon has also found a love for the water. He still won't go near a pool, but he could spend hours playing in the waves.

I am looking forward to many more of these days this summer. I'm also considering signing him up for swim lessons because he's becoming a little too confident in the water for a boy who has no idea how to hold his breath under water, let alone swim. I just don't know how I'll be able to get him into the pool for the swim lessons. The fact that Landon will run straight for the ocean as the waves come splashing over him and yet not want anything to do with the calm pool still baffles me. At least that means more beach days for us!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Smiley Face Wake Up

I love waking up to Landon's smiling face every morning.
I wish I could hug him and never let go.
That way he would stop growing up on me
 and we could stay at this point in time forever.
 I keep trying, but it's not working!
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