"A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, a home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten and the future worth living for."

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunday = Fun Day

We were able to enjoy another lazy, relaxing Sunday. On weekends I usually talk Kevin into spending all weekend going out and about to have "fun". I have realized these past couple of weeks that "fun" doesn't have to cost anything and we don't have to go out and about to do so. We have enjoyed the park or sitting outside reading books just as much as going to the zoo or St. Augustine and there is no hassle involved in taking Landon out to the park like there is in the latter two. Yesterday we arrived at the park around 3:00 p.m. and it was the perfect time. We sat under a tree and there was a slight breeze. Landon enjoyed watching us blow bubbles at him. There were two little girls that spent the whole time with us. They fell in love with Tinkerbell and carried Tink around the whole time. Tink was so good with them, even when they were spinning her around! Landon, however, did not like them walking off with his puppy and he would start whining for them to bring her back.
Landon standing on his own!
Landon trying to walk to Mommy
Where'd Landon go??
There he is!

Landon has a new obsession with pushing things around. He carried the broom into his bedroom the other day and even pushed a box out of his room to the living room. He used the box as a stool so he could try to climb into his jumper.
"Look Mom, I did it!"
So proud of himself!
Landon trying to walk to Tink

Friday, April 24, 2009

This too shall pass

I haven't written in a few days because Landon has been quite the handful and any down time I get I'm not wanting to get onto the computer. Landon has been testing us this past week and I have to keep reminding myself that this too shall pass. Landon has stopped any attempt that he was making with talking and is now whining. He whines about anything and everything. He has even perfected his whine based on his mood and how demanding he wants to be...it can become quite ear piercing. If he wants something he points and whines. He has also somehow forgotten how to do things on his own such as getting down from the couch. He has been able to get himself down from the couch for months now and all of a sudden he's forgotten how (I think he's just being lazy). He will stand up on the couch with his arms outstretched to Kevin or I and just whine in hopes that we will pick him up. If we don't help him down from the couch then he will just sit there whining until we come to help him down. I hope this is only a stage and a very short one at that. Landon has also been perfecting his temper-tantrums and can give any 2 year old a run for their money! If I tell him "no" he will throw himself onto the floor and cry. Another problem we're facing this week is that all Landon wants to do is eat. The problem with that is he refuses to eat most of his solids throughout the day for me and just wants to nurse ALL day long. When I tell him that he's not hungry because he just finished eating he will pull at my shirt and cry. I have tried diverting his attention by getting down on the floor and playing with him, but once again he'll just crawl into my lap, pull at my shirt, and throw a tantrum. If we are out of the house running errands he'll only nurse 3 times a day, but when we are home all day long he expects me to be an open milk bar! Once again I remind myself that this too shall pass and that one day he will be weaned (hopefully before he hits kindergarten!) and completely independent.

I did get out of the house on Wednesday night with my sister Jenn and we attended the Nickelback concert. She bought me a ticket as an early birthday present. It was a lot of fun and I actually enjoyed having a night out. I thought about Landon and Kevin the whole time, but it did feel good to get out for a few hours. My biggest concern about leaving Landon home was that he wouldn't drink any of the pumped milk that I prepared for him. He doesn't know how to drink out of a bottle so Kevin poured it into a sippy cup and he drank 5 ounces without a problem. I guess I was worried about nothing. Kevin even managed to get Landon to bed on time and no crisis happened like I kept imagining would.

Jenn and I at the Nickelback concert

Nickelback performing

Even though Landon has stopped putting effort into walking and talking he has learned a few things. He can sign hungry when he is truly hungry and not just wanting a snack and he can also sign all done if he is finished with his meal. The other week he had crawled down from the couch in the middle of his last feeding and went and stood next to the trashcan. He looked at me and waved for me to come over to him and then signed that he was hungry! He thought I was going to go to him- it was really cute and gave Kevin and I plenty of laughs. Landon has also learned how to brush his hair and his teeth. We had not taught him these things, but I guess he's seen us do it to him enough that he has picked up on it. He will pull his hair brush out of his basket and brush his hair and he will also pull his toothbrush out and brush his teeth. As odd as it sounds his tube of tooth paste is one of his comfort items. He crawls around with is everywhere and even took a nap while holding it the other day, who knows, maybe he is meant to become a dentist!

Yesterday I was putting a load of laundry into the washer and Landon went into his bedroom to play. I thought he was going to play with his piano or rocking horse, but he had other ideas. When I finished loading the washer I realized that Landon was being really quiet- never a good thing! I walk into his room and soon discovered why. He had pulled all of his q-tips (all 300 of them) out of their container and was playing with them all over the floor. When I walked in he shot me the biggest smile! He had so much fun with those darn q-tips that I had to take pictures of it.

Landon just woke from his nap so I must get off of here and go tend to him. I will post more updates soon.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Baby carrier, wrap, or sling giveaway

Breastfeeding 1-2-3 is giving mom's a chance to win a baby carrier through Baby Carriers Direct. Thanks for the chance at winning!

Relaxing weekend

This has been a very relaxing weekend. Probably the most relaxing weekend that we've had in years. We stayed home all weekend long and did absolutely nothing. Of course we did the daily cleaning, but outside of that we just spent the days sitting around playing with Landon. Landon has been trying to help with the cleaning. He enjoys dusting. Our vacuum has a dusting wand attachment that he loves to pull out and he dusts the vacuum and Tinkerbell!

Kevin and I took turns catching up on sleep as well. Kevin was in charge of keeping an eye on Landon while I prepared lunch and this was the end result! I guess Landon tired Daddy out!

After our naps I took Landon outside so he could jump in his jumper and I caught up on some reading. We both got our daily dose of vitamin D in.

Here are a few other random pictures of Landon from this weekend. Landon was playing around in a chair that I had pulled out and had a lot of fun doing so.

Landon has also been snorting or sniffing at us lately. He does it when he is really happy or when he doesn't like something that we have said to him. I guess the expression works for every emotion! This is what it looks like:

I am hoping that we have many more relaxing weekends like this, but I know that they are hard to come upon. These next few weekends will be spent getting ready for Landon's birthday party. We still have to pick up a few more party decorations and the food. I am also hoping to have a yard sale in two weeks to clear out all of his old clothes and toys to make room for the new.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Not so Wordless Wednesday

Here is a short video of Landon walking outside with the help of his push toy. It's a short video because I managed to step into a mud puddle while walking backwards to record Landon!

Monday, April 13, 2009


Landon has purposely said "Momma" three times now! On Friday he said "Momma" when he got his walking toy stuck in between the dining room chairs and he turned around and called me to help him with it. Then again on Saturday while he was crawling to me to be fed he said it. If that wasn't enough he said "Momma" this morning when he woke up crying in his crib. It was the best wake up call ever! He has been saying "Momma" and "Dada" for a little while now, but never towards Kevin or I. He was always just babbling it. It is the best feeling when he says "Momma" because he wants me. He isn't saying it too often yet, but I love hearing it when he does. Now we just have to work on him saying "Mommy" instead of "Momma", but for now I won't be picky!!

If talking isn't enough, Landon just finished walking up and down the sidewalk in his new shoes with the help of his walking toy. I took him and his toy out there and he walked around for over half an hour! He had so much fun and Tink followed along to make sure that he was ok. I'm hoping that by taking him outside to walk several times a day that he will be walking on his own by his birthday.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Today was Landon's 1st Easter! Since it was Landon's 1st Easter this will probably be a long post with lots of pictures- just a quick warning! The Easter weekend started off yesterday with my mom and I taking Landon to the mall for his Easter pics with the Easter Bunny. Landon was a complete hit in line since he was in his suit. Everyone kept complimenting us on him. Landon loved the Easter Bunny and his pictures turned out to be really cute...expensive, but cute (thanks Mom!). After waiting in line and finally making it to the front of the line the Easter Bunny had to take a quick break so it was more waiting for us. Luckily Landon was well behaved. Somebody in line took a picture of my mom, Landon, and I on the Easter Bunny's bench while we were waiting. After Easter Bunny pictures we went to Stride Rite where my mom purchased Landon his first pair of walking shoes. He still hates shoes, but he should get used to them. We can never find shoes in other stores that fit him and it turns out that Landon wears a size 4 1/2 extra wide (he has feet like his Daddy)! Luckily Stride Rite had the perfect pair for him. After the mall we returned home and Kevin and I left Landon for the first time to attend a friend's wedding in Keystone. We have left him twice before for an hour or two, but never for several hours and with us going that far away. Everything turned out ok though and after awhile I was able to relax and enjoy a night out with Kevin.

Landon with the Easter Bunny

This morning when Landon woke up we showed him his Easter basket. I think he noticed the apple wheels right away and could probably care less about the rest of the stuff! We met up with Kevin's family in Orange Park and ate breakfast at Golden Corral. Landon ate so much food. He especially loved the ham and sausage. Landon received two more Easter baskets from his grandparents and Aunt Keyko. We then walked around Wal-mart to spend some more time together before heading to my mom's for Easter dinner.

Having fun at Golden Corral

The Figueroa men

Family Easter pic

At my mom's Landon got yet another Easter basket (4 total). I can't imagine what his baskets will look like next year when he can have a little bit of candy. And again we all stuffed ourselves full and Landon ate more ham. After dinner we went outside and took a bunch of family photos.

Even Tink was in yellow, but you can't see her dress

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Landon is 11 months old!

11 month photo with Pooh-
Reading to Pooh

Landon is 11 months old as of yesterday. I cannot believe how quickly time is flying by. I know I say it every month, but it continues to amaze me. So far Landon has had no new milestones. He is still not walking or talking, but is getting closer every day. Today was the first day that he learned how to turn his walking toy around when he gets stuck on a piece of furniture or runs into a wall. It makes it easier on me...I don't have to continuously follow behind him. He is also wanting to walk everywhere (with our help of course). Landon has also learned to flash his adorable smile whenever we tell him no. Kevin and I just wind up laughing at him and he is no longer in trouble. We're going to have to learn to "toughen" up before he really starts getting into trouble. I take Landon's picture next to his large Pooh Bear every month, but yesterday he was wanting to stand up for the pictures. It was the hardest time that I have had taken his picture to date. I was able to get a few ok shots of him though.
If only his hand wasn't hiding his smile...
Landon had to show off that he is now taller than Pooh
The best pic he allowed me to take

Monday, April 6, 2009

Landon's 1st trip to the zoo

Yesterday we took Landon to the zoo for the first time. It was a beautiful day out and didn't rain once like we thought it would. Besides my getting sun burnt and Landon peeing on me as we were leaving it was a great day. Landon loved all of the animals. Much to my dismay Landon especially loved all of the snakes. He would hit their glass enclosures to get their attention.

Of course Landon also loved the monkeys. He even brought home a stuffed monkey as a souvenir. Landon was so cute in his zoo outfit. People should have paid us admission to get in to the park to see such an adorable baby! I put him in a little one piece outfit the had monkeys all over it and to top it off he wore his monkey hat.

My mom bought a zoo membership so we will be able to take Landon back as often as we want throughout the year. It is so nice that we have a zoo so close. On those weekends where we have nothing to do and am wanting to get out we will be able to go to the zoo. Below will be a ton of pictures from the zoo.

Landon, Daddy, and a gorilla

Landon and Mommy on an elephant trunk

Landon on a carousel horse

Looking at the monkeys

Landon wanting to pet some really big animal

Landon wanted to pet a flamingo

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