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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Christmas in July

Christmas in July is what happens when Daddy is in charge of getting Landon ready for bed. Kevin decided to put Landon into a pair of Christmas pjs. It was funny and Landon was adorable in his red and white striped pjs, but it made me feel like we were those people who leave their Christmas lights up all year round. To top off his look, Landon went around in his turtle hat. Tonight's bedtime routine turned into more of a circus act. Landon and Daddy did have a lot of fun tonight though.

Landon cuddling up with his Daddy on top of Pooh

Landon placed his turtle hat on Kevin and he quickly fell asleep!

Landon's vocabulary

Landon is learning to talk more and more everyday. He still isn't saying much, but he definitely knows how to get his point across! Landon is now able to say:
  • Of course he says "Momma" and "Dada"
  • "Hi" and "Bye" while waving
  • "No, no, no" while shaking his pointer finger at us at the same time! It is the cutest thing.
  • "Tinkie" and "Doggie" Every animal that he sees is now a "Tinkie" or a "Doggie"
  • "Matt" for Uncle Matt. Matt is the only name that Landon can say for relatives...everyone else wants to change their names to something more simpler!
  • "This"
  • "Shoes" but it sounds more like "eewws" He'll bring his shoes out to me, walk over to the door, say "eewws" and then sits down to get his shoes put on. That's Landon's way of telling me that he wants to go outside!
  • "Thank you"
  • "Dang it" thanks to Uncle Alex

Landon will wiggle his fingers when you ask him where his fingers are. Landon can also point to his nose when you ask where his nose is and he will stick out his tongue when you ask him where his mouth is. He is getting so smart. Landon being able to identify his body parts is because of a book that I read to him everyday. He loves to read. We read all day long everyday and he has really learned a lot from his books. He'll even snort like a pig when he sees a pig or hears that word pig because of one of his books!

Landon's favorite characters are Tigger and Winnie the Pooh because that is the only show that he watches. His room is decorated completely in Winnie the Pooh so anytime that he sees Pooh or Tigger he gets so excited. Last night we went to Rooms To Go where Jenn works to pick up a Tigger area rug. She had it on hold for us because it was clearanced to $7! The rug is huge and Landon fell in love with it. Rooms To Go also had a whole entire bedroom set in a Winnie the Pooh theme and Landon spent about 20 minutes playing around on the bed and looking at the different Pooh items. When we put him to bed last night I layed his new Tigger rug on his floor and he kept giving Tigger kisses! Landon is always giving hugs and kisses, which is why I call him Love Bug or Landon Love. Landon amazes me daily with everything that he is learning and with how much he is growing. He now has 17 teeth! All of his molars have broken through and he has just outgrown all of his shoes.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bat Boy!!!

Hey Peoples... Dad here... thought i'd share couple pictures of Landon a.k.a. Bat Boy !!

he fights crime ... naps... and diaper changes

Landon has really grown up a lot these last couple months. I swear it was just yesterday he started crawling...now.. he's lightening quick when it comes to walking. When Amanda is taking her nap he's usually pretty good for me, we'll chill and read a book...watch a little Pooh and Tigger ... but when he's ready to get moving i swear i need two more arms and a 3rd eye to keep up with this little guy.

Landon likes sleuthing ... yeah people... i've expanded my vocabulary ... check me out now

Always using his noggin to "think ... think ... think!"

Even Bat Boy has to eat ... yum!

Alex's 18th Birthday celebration

As I mentioned in the previous post, I haven't blogged in a little while because we haven't been feeling too well around here. I was flipping through the camera and realized that I never posted pictures from Alex's birthday dinner. We all went out to Wild Wings Cafe to celebrate Alex's 18th birthday. He loves buffalo wings so it was the perfect place for him. Landon entertained himself by sucking on a lemon. He actually took bites out of the lemon. He's such a crazy boy. I think he would have eaten the whole slice if it hadn't of fallen onto the floor.

It was a little sour!

After dinner we all came back here because it was bedtime for Landon. Once we put Landon to bed we cut into Alex's birthday cake. Happy belated 18th birthday kiddo!

Even Tink was waiting on a slice!

Quick update

It's been a little while sine my last post. Landon and I have been battling a cold for a little while now. I finally felt better yesterday, but this morning my sore throat was back with a vengeance. Poor Landon is so stuffy. As soon as I suction his nose out the stuffiness returns. It's an endless battle to keep his nose cleared out. Luckily the humidifier seems to keep him comfortable throughout the night. His nap schedules have also been a little off lately. He is currently napping in my lap. He took a nap at 10 am and woke at 11 am. He then crawled into my lap and fell back to sleep. He is still napping. I love napping with Landon. The other day we took a 4 hour nap together in bed. It was a very rare, but much needed moment.
Landon is now saying "no,no,no" while shaking his pointer finger at us if he objects to something. It's hilarious. He has been saying "Hi" and "Bye" while waving for a few months, but it has always sounded like "I". Today he actually said "Bye bye" while pronouncing the "B" sound. He still loves to read and is constantly pulling out his books and carrying them over to me so that we can have story time. Landon is going to be one smart cookie. I can't wait to see what the future holds for him. I will make sure to update later on this weekend with some new pics. Right now I am going to sign off so that I can enjoy my little cuddle bug napping on me.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mud puddle fun!

Landon is definitely ALL boy! Landon and I took Tinkie for a walk today and he started stomping his feet in the puddles. I put his Crocs on him because I knew it was wet outside and didn't want to ruin his other shoes. I sure am glad that I decided to do so. Once Landon realized how much fun it was to jump into the puddles he made a bee line for the mud puddles. I couldn't catch him in time because Tink was tangled around me. Before I knew it Landon was laying down and splashing through the mud. He had a blast. He had so much fun that I allowed him to carry on in the mud for a few minutes. He thought it was the grandest thing to be able to run through the wet and muddy grass. He was completely covered in mud. What made it worse was that Tinkerbell followed behind him and was covered in mud as well. Wherever Landon goes Tink goes and it was no different today. It was quite the site as I tried carrying in a wet and muddy baby toddler along with a wet and muddy Pomeranian. Of course, like any good mother would, I had Landon stand outside soaking wet so I could grab the camera and take pictures of his first mud puddle experience!

Landon's muddy face!
Eating the mud off of his face.
Landon's muddy behind!
Cleaning his face off.
All smiles now that he is clean.

Monday, July 6, 2009

A day of reminiscing

Landon has been doing a lot of things lately that have reminded me of times when he was younger. These past few days Landon has been getting into the DVDs. This is something that he did at 7 months old and has just picked up the habit again. He still looks cute when he's up to no good.

Landon getting into the DVDs at 7 months old

Landon getting into the DVDs at 14 months old

Yesterday Landon insisted on wearing a pair of size 3 slippers. They are almost 2 sizes too small for him, but he still walked around the house in them. He even had to walk on the sides of his feet because his toes were curled up, but he refused to take them off. To top it off, he also went around in a hat that was several sizes too small.

Landon in his hat at 7 months

The same hat at 14 months

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July to everyone! We have had a very laid back 4th of July this year. We had plans to attend an outdoor concert downtown, but quite honestly didn't want to deal with the crowds and heat. I am not a fan of Landon running around when there are hundreds of people around. We decided to just stay at home and have a relaxing weekend. We started the morning out by bathing the babies.
Then my family and Kevin's family came over and we had a cook out. Landon of course enjoyed all of the attention from everyone. We were so relaxed that I didn't even take any pictures today. We took just a couple right before Landon went to bed, but none during the day. I wish we were able to go and see the fireworks, but 10 pm is way too late for Landon to be out. If he is up much past 7 pm he is not a happy camper. Hopefully next year his schedule will be a little bit more flexible so that we can enjoy a fireworks show.
Tinkie in her 4th of July outfit!
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