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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Today and Tomorrow

Landon decided to do some decorating of the walls once again. He told me that he wanted to show me something and pulled me by my hand over towards my bedroom wall. He then pointed out his new drawing. I asked him when he did it. His response was priceless, "today and tomorrow"...thanks for the heads up Landon that you'll be coloring on the walls tomorrow as well. I'll make sure to get a head start on hiding any and all writing utensils!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fancy Shoes

I am now the new owner of the fanciest shoe around.
Alright, so it may not be the fanciest shoe. In fact, it's the ugliest shoe that I have ever worn. I've thought about asking my mom if she still has my old Bedazzler somewhere to try to spruce it up. I've also toyed with the idea of improving my crutches by tying purple ribbons around them. I wish I had some amazing story as to how I hurt my foot. You know, something along the lines of...I was running with the bulls in Spain and I wasn't quite fast enough so a bull ran over my foot. Or I was outside and noticed the neighbor's house was on fire and a child was trapped upstairs. I ran into the burning house to save the child only to realize upon exiting the house that all exits were now in flames. I had no choice, but to jump out of the window with the child and I broke my foot upon impact. The true story is no where near as good as those. I somehow fell off of a curb and that is how I am not the new owner of this fancy walking boot and crutches for the next several weeks. 

So what does one do when they can't move around like usually and still has a three year old to look after? Go to a bounce house place, of course! That way Landon can run around like crazy and I can just sit back and watch. Landon loves bounce houses and a building with several of them in one room is a dream come true for him.
Landon's favorite thing was this large slide, but a close second was this little roller coaster type toy. He rode this thing over and over again. He was seriously on it for about half an hour! 
Landon has been so sweet to me this past week. He has been so helpful and attentive to me. He jumps at the chance to help me out and even insists that apple juice will make my foot feel better. He's constantly asking if he can get my foot some apple juice! I sure do miss taking him and Tink for walks or riding our bikes side by side. I'm just grateful that I will be able to do these things soon enough. Whenever I start complaining about the fact that I can't walk or do normal things, then I remind myself to be thankful for two working legs. Not everyone has that and I have to keep reminding myself that this is only for a short period of time. Until then, I will just enjoy my lazy days on the couch with my loving boy!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Halloween Pictures

Here are some Halloween pics finally!
We went trick-or-treating at the mall the night before Halloween. This is Landon with his friend- Woody and Buzz!
 My cowboy and cowgirl!
 Landon giving me a cheesy smile in front of his pumpkins!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Halloween 2011

I'm finally getting around to putting up a Halloween post only to disappoint with no Halloween pictures. Cameras were forgotten, disposable ones were bought and it will be another ten years before I get around to developing the film. Other than the camera issue Halloween went fairly well. Landon was the cutest Woody and Tinkerbell made a rather cute cow. Landon called it quits with trick-or-treating after about ten houses. He wanted to go home and sleep. He was so tuckered out that he forgot all about his Halloween candy until the next afternoon. I usually love Halloween because it's the one day of the year when I can find a little joy in Landon's milk allergy. Maybe joy is the wrong word. I never find joy in Landon having a milk allergy, but Halloween candy that contains milk is a big perk that I get from his allergy. I am able to indulge in some chocolate after dealing with his allergy all year long. This year Landon didn't allow me to have the option of having chocolate candy. Any time someone handed him a piece of chocolate he would tell the person, "no that has milk in it" and then he would take the candy out of his bucket and hand it back to the person or push the person's hand away before they could place the candy into his bucket. A few times I was a little embarrassed by this, but most people didn't seem to mind having their hands pushed away. They laughed about it and were impressed that Landon knew the difference between the candy with milk and the milk free candy. All of the time that I spend educating Landon on his allergy has really paid off. It was nice seeing this first hand on Halloween. Every time we go to the grocery store I point out different types of food that Landon can and can not have. I educate him on the dangers that milk poses to his body. Let's face it, Landon is safer sitting next to a pit bull than he is sitting next to a glass of milk. It is so important that Landon understands this and it was so rewarding to see it pay off on Halloween night, even if it meant less candy for Mommy! 

I was able to get a few photos of Landon trick-or-treating at the mall the night before Halloween, but forgot the camera card. I don't think I'm meant to share Halloween pictures of any kind! I'll post this and work on getting some pictures from that night up soon.
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