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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Days

There's only three weeks left until our summer comes to an end. Where did the summer go?! Landon will be starting pre-school and he is so excited. On top of starting school, he will also be playing soccer come next month. He sure is growing up. Landon is taking his role as a pre-schooler seriously. He was adamant about needing a backpack. He currently has three toddler sized backpacks that he uses for his toys, all of which are in excellent condition, but he wanted a new one for school. My sister and mom joined us on the outing to find him the perfect backpack. Landon found his bag at the very first store we went into. He saw it and immediately started jumping up and down saying he wanted the puppy backpack. The backpack matches a hat that I bought him from the same store a couple of years ago. He remembered the hat and had his mind set on having the matching backpack. He is so proud of his backpack and wanted to Skype everyone that night to show it off.

This summer has been very low key. We've spent our days outside having water balloon fights, playing under the sprinkler, and drawing with chalk. Landon can often be found outside dressed up as some sort of superhero. His latest obsession is Batman. He recently received a Batman mask, cape, and belt and has been wearing it every single day for a solid week now.
He's also learned how to blow up a balloon and he's rather proud of that fact.
We've gone to the beach several times and Landon has really enjoyed playing in the waves this year.
I'm a little sad to see the summer come to an end, but I am looking forward to all of the changes that will be happening this year.

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