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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Fall 2013

Once again we made our way to the same pumpkin patch that we've been going to year after year. I love seeing Landon in front of the same props that he took photos with in years past.
Landon decided to be a vampire this year for Halloween. He originally wanted to be Michaelangelo, but he thought the mask looked fake. When he saw the vampire costume he liked the dressy, ruffled shirt. So a vampire he was. He made one cute vampire. 
 Landon's vampire face! 

I loved the sunset in the background. 
 Another one of his vampire faces! 
One house had a dance area set up. Kids were to dance for the candy. No kids were participating, but Landon loves to dance and stepped right up to the challenge. His friend even joined in with him. They won a dollar along with the candy! 
 Landon requested a vampire and bat pumpkin so I couldn't disappoint! 

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