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Friday, November 11, 2011

Halloween 2011

I'm finally getting around to putting up a Halloween post only to disappoint with no Halloween pictures. Cameras were forgotten, disposable ones were bought and it will be another ten years before I get around to developing the film. Other than the camera issue Halloween went fairly well. Landon was the cutest Woody and Tinkerbell made a rather cute cow. Landon called it quits with trick-or-treating after about ten houses. He wanted to go home and sleep. He was so tuckered out that he forgot all about his Halloween candy until the next afternoon. I usually love Halloween because it's the one day of the year when I can find a little joy in Landon's milk allergy. Maybe joy is the wrong word. I never find joy in Landon having a milk allergy, but Halloween candy that contains milk is a big perk that I get from his allergy. I am able to indulge in some chocolate after dealing with his allergy all year long. This year Landon didn't allow me to have the option of having chocolate candy. Any time someone handed him a piece of chocolate he would tell the person, "no that has milk in it" and then he would take the candy out of his bucket and hand it back to the person or push the person's hand away before they could place the candy into his bucket. A few times I was a little embarrassed by this, but most people didn't seem to mind having their hands pushed away. They laughed about it and were impressed that Landon knew the difference between the candy with milk and the milk free candy. All of the time that I spend educating Landon on his allergy has really paid off. It was nice seeing this first hand on Halloween. Every time we go to the grocery store I point out different types of food that Landon can and can not have. I educate him on the dangers that milk poses to his body. Let's face it, Landon is safer sitting next to a pit bull than he is sitting next to a glass of milk. It is so important that Landon understands this and it was so rewarding to see it pay off on Halloween night, even if it meant less candy for Mommy! 

I was able to get a few photos of Landon trick-or-treating at the mall the night before Halloween, but forgot the camera card. I don't think I'm meant to share Halloween pictures of any kind! I'll post this and work on getting some pictures from that night up soon.

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