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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Alligator Fun

We recently went to the Alligator Farm and Landon had a blast. That morning I watched as Landon started pulling all of his clothing out of his dresser drawers. I asked him what he was doing and he told me that he was looking for his alligator shirt. The only one he had was becoming too small so I placed it in a bin to donate. He was adamant about wearing his alligator shirt to see the alligators so I had to unpack it for him. We couldn't pull into a parking spot fast enough. Landon asked to get out of the car as we were still driving looking around for a place to park. He was so excited and the thought of waiting to park the car was just too much for him to handle! He ran to the first exhibit while yelling "come on guys" to those of us left behind in his dust.
Landon was able to pet a baby alligator. He then found out that he could hold that same alligator. His eyes lit up at the thought of it. That was, until he was informed that he was too small to hold the alligator all by himself. Landon was so offended by that, but his Uncle Matt came to his rescue and stepped up to the plate. I was going to hold it with him, but the second the thing was brought out of the cage and its head whipped around at me I screamed and stepped back. I knew right then that I wasn't a good candidate to hold its head. I took the picture instead from a safe distance away.
This baby alligator made Matt think that he could take on a 12 1/2 foot, 650 pound alligator. He paid money to potentially lose an arm or leg. Completely ridiculous, but he was Landon's hero for the remainder of the day. Matt made it out alive and Landon's first words to him were "Can I go down there now?" I think not, Landon! 
Once we saw all of the exhibits, we had to go around for a second time for Landon to lead us on an expedition with his binoculars!

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