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Sunday, September 2, 2012

School and Soccer

The first two weeks of pre-school have come to an end. The first couple of days were a bit touch and go on whether Landon liked going. He would say that he had fun and would tell everyone that he wanted to go back, but he would come up to me as "Batman" to tell me otherwise. Batman would tell me that Landon didn't like going to school because it was "soooo long" and he missed his Mommy. I made sure to give Batman extra hugs on those days. Even if he said those things at nighttime, by the time we pulled into the school parking lot he was all smiles and shouting "yay yay yay" over and over again. I think it was just an adjustment for him those first couple of days. This is the first time Landon has ever spent any amount of time without an immediate family member caring for him. I think it also helps that Landon's best friend was able to get into the same class as him so he has a familiar face while at school. Plus, he's only there for three hours a day so he knows that he'll be back home shortly. His teachers tell me great things about him every afternoon at pick up. He listens well, he cleans up after himself and others, and he seems to always be on his best behavior while at school. I love hearing those reports. He may misbehave at times at home, but what four year old doesn't? The feedback I receive from his teachers reassures me that Landon is receiving the proper guidance and discipline from home. He knows how to behave and he knows how to respect authority. Yes, he may push my buttons or Kevin's buttons, but he definitely knows how to be on his best behavior while he's out of our care. 

This week was also Landon's first week of soccer practice. I was a little nervous just because I didn't know how it would be coaching a bunch of four year olds, let alone my own child. Things went well and I'm looking forward to this soccer season. Landon had so much fun and is asking every day if today is soccer day. I can't wait until his first game when he's in his uniform! 

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