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Monday, December 10, 2012

Letter to Santa

Landon wrote his Christmas list for Santa a few weeks back. I guess chocolate milk was on his mind because it made his list! A few days after writing this my sister asked him what he wanted for Christmas and he responded with "bags and bags of chocolate milk." He acts like I deprive him of chocolate milk or something! I wonder what he'll do if he actually winds up with a large box filled with chocolate milk. The other items that made his list were a new puppy (so not happening), a train table, Hulk, Thor and Captain America talking action figures. His wants were relatively simple this year. He did mark just about every page in the Toys R Us Big Book, but when it came time to write his list only these items made the "really want" cut. He informed me that everything else in the book was just a "kind of want". Landon is so excited for Christmas this year and I can't wait too see his face come Christmas morning. 

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