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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Express Yourself!

These days Landon has a strong sense of what he wants to wear. Some days go better than others. There are days when he decides on a really cute outfit and other days where people probably think I'm nuts for allowing him to go out dressed the way that he is. The other day Landon refused to change out of his Buzz Lightyear pajamas. Since we had nothing to do that day I allowed him to stay in his pajamas. When it was time to go outside he still wouldn't change and instead insisted on wearing his shark sandals and his swim vest! So out we went with Landon dressed like this:

The very next morning he picked out his outfit and was as cute as could be in a blue striped t-shirt and a pair of overalls.

For two nights in a row Landon has decided to wear his Tigger pajamas with fish pajama shorts over top of them. At least Landon knows how to express himself!

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