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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Growing Imagination and Independence

Landon's imagination has really been showing these past couple of weeks. Landon will now sit down with a piece of paper and crayons and draw things. He will say "Pooh" or "Tigger" or whatever it is that he wants to draw and then draw it. These drawings of his are only scribbles and do not look like anything at all, but he truly believes that he is drawing Pooh. It is amazing to sit down with him and watch his imagination at work. He is also playing pretend now. He will walk like a monkey, roar like a lion, and jump like a kangaroo when he sits down and plays with his animal toys. I am amazed daily by how much Landon is growing and changing.

Landon is also talking more and more now. Landon now says about 20 words regularly. He will also try mimicking every word that he hears. I don't know whether that is a good thing or not! With his newly found vocab, Landon is now able to clearly express his likes and dislikes. He more often than not expresses his dislikes! He will now say "no" if he doesn't want to do something while crossing his arms across his chest. He's been saying "no" for over a year now, but now he says it with intent. The arms being crossed makes me smile every time he does it, even when he does it when I ask him to pick up his toys.

Landon is also gaining independence as well. He wants to brush his own teeth and climb onto the sink to wash his hands by himself. He pulls a chair over to the kitchen sink every evening to help with the dishes and helps with the laundry. He still goes around with his vacuum along side me as I am vacuuming and he still holds the dust pan while I sweep. Landon is growing way too quickly. Soon he won't even need me to dress him or bathe him.

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