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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Trip to the Zoo

I haven't been posting too much lately because we are without a camera. Our camera broke a little bit ago and a post about Landon without pictures seems completely worthless to me. I took Landon to the zoo last month and never got around to posting about it so I am going to do so now. That way there is a new post and new pictures.

We went to the zoo on probably what was the hottest day so far of the summer. We usually spend all day at the zoo and we wound up leaving after just 3 1/2 hours. The temperature gauge on the stroller read 116 degrees that day!
They have a splash park for the kids to cool off at, but it was so crowded that day that they limited the play area to 80 people at one time. The capacity limit also made them enforce a 20 minute time limit for the splash park. It took Landon 15 minutes to even get close to the water. The only reason Landon went into the water is because I went in with him. I wound up getting soaking wet, but Landon at least had five minutes in the water to cool down. I wasn't complaining about being soaked since it was so hot out.

After the splash park we went to see the penguins. I think they were Landon's favorite exhibit this time around. Landon loved the penguins and even showed us how they swam:

We then cooled off by going into an enclosed exhibit to see the jaguars and reptiles. Landon sat and stared at the jaguars for quite some time. I think he stood there so long because he too was enjoying the a/c.
Landon loves snakes much to my disapproval. He especially loved copying the facial expressions of the anaconda.  

He then continued with his mimicry when we saw the capybara.

And again when we saw the monkeys!

No visit to the zoo is complete without stopping to see the tapir. The tapir is Landon's favorite animal at the zoo. I think it is because he thinks it is a hippo or a "bobo" as Landon calls it!

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