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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


We went to see Mickey Mouse this past weekend. We had such a great time. Every morning started with a pillow fight and every evening ended with a pinching turned tickle session. We stayed at the Wilderness Lodge and all I can say is WOW! The hotel was amazing, the room was amazing, the food was amazing (even room service a few minutes before closing which resulted in them stealing our room service menu and never giving it back!) We even loved the over priced water that was all part of the "magical experience"! I know these stories won't be funny to most, but they sure did give us plenty of good laughs and memories.

While in Disney we were able to hit The Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. Landon had so much fun. He was smiling from ear to ear all weekend long. So much fun was had by all that we even stayed an extra night and hung out at the pool the last day. As I mentioned before, the hotel was amazing. Here is the very first picture that we took in Disney World. Kevin and I joked that the guy who took the picture was hired for that sole purpose alone. He would stand by this totem pole and take every one's pictures throughout the day.
There were also towel animals made up in the room everyday.
The bathroom also had this look through into the bedroom. I thought it was the cutest thing so I took a picture of it. Somehow we never took anymore pictures of the room. The hotel is also the place where Landon peed on the toilet for the very first time! Landon too got caught up in the magical experience!!
The first day at The Magic Kingdom was the hottest of all of the days. Landon spent a good portion of our time there at the play area.
Across from the play area was Mickey's house. Landon kept hiding from the camera when we tried to take his picture. We always had this result:
For whatever reason Landon loved Mickey's kitchen and didn't want to leave that area. I think it was the little Mickey shaped hole that he could look through.
The Animal Kingdom was really nice. We had never been there before. The best part was that it was shaded. There were trees everywhere, which helped with the heat. I think the best part of the trip was the Lion King show there. Kevin and I both agreed that the show was the best attraction at the parks. Landon loved the show, but was so incredibly tired that he fell asleep at the end of it while standing. The pictured didn't really turn out during the show, but here are two of them.
We also came across Mickey and Goofy while there. Landon ran straight up to them and gave them hugs. He didn't want to let go of them.
Here are some other pictures from the Animal Kingdom.
Landon received a Tigger hat at the Animal Kingdom as well. He loves his Tigger hat. However, on the ferry ride over to the Magic Kingdom Landon thought it would be funny to make his hat swim. He through his hat out of the window of the ferry boat into the lake before we could stop him. Luckily the ferry driver was able to fish it out for us and we were able to take a very stinky hat home and clean it off for him.
During our time in Disney it rained off and on. The rain never lasted for long, but it did require ponchos on the last day. Here are Landon and I waiting in line in our ponchos!
No visit to Disney is complete without a stop at Downtown Disney for a picture on the Pooh bench. The last time we were there Kevin and I took a picture together. This time we were able to take pictures with our Landon love! 
In preparation for our Disney trip Landon went around in his Halloween costume from last year for two days! He refused to take it off.  

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