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Thursday, August 26, 2010

I Don't Know!

I last posted Landon's most recent phrase, which is "I love you". There is another phrase that Landon has been saying for a couple of weeks now that continually makes us laugh. When we ask Landon why he did something he responds with an "I don't know". The way he says it is just too cute. We constantly find ourselves asking Landon questions to purposely get him to say "I don't know". You can see for yourself just why we do such a thing:

Now isn't that the cutest "I don't know" that you have ever heard?! The cuteness factor also gets upped when he's in his Buzz towel. Landon loves his Buzz Lightyear towel. He loves it so much that I am contemplating buying him the Woody towel the next time I go to the store. He wears it for hours after his bath. He even insisted on blowing bubbles in it yesterday evening. Landon also learned how to actually blow the bubbles off of the wand yesterday as well.
When he realized that he was able to blow the bubbles onto my leg he couldn't stop laughing.

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