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Monday, June 27, 2011

Just Imagine!

Landon loves the cartoon Caillou. So much so that he made his own version of Caillou:

I can't make the picture large enough on here to show the details because it keeps cutting it in half. If you just click on the picture, then the larger version will appear. Landon used bananas for Caillou's eyes and mouth. Followed by a paper clip of sorts for his tongue. He then used a plastic bag (that previously held the bananas) and his Buzz toy for Caillou's arms. Two pens served as legs and a wooden egg and some book marker tab things finished Caillou off by becoming his shoes. Caillou's family is also represented in the picture. The big pink marker is Caillou's dad, the flower on a stick is his mom, his sister Rosie is the yellow marker, and the pen is Caillou's cat Gilbert! Landon sure does have an imagination.

On a side not, you know you're a Mom when a Barney song pops in your head when you look at your child's creation!

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