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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pirates and Pooh Shirts

There hasn't been much blogging on my part lately. I'll work on getting some new posts up soon. It's just been proving difficult as of lately. Here's a quick Landon update for everyone to hold you over. Landon loves the Disney show "Jake and the Neverland Pirates". In fact, he loves pirates so much that he is often dressing in his pirate costume from last year while watching it. I know this is kind of pointless without pictures...I promise those are coming soon! When he's not going around dressed as a pirate he can be found wearing his 18 month Winnie the Pooh shirt. It's rather short as you can imagine, but otherwise fits rather well. I was going through some old clothes of his and he spotted the Pooh shirt. He became so excited and started saying, "My Pooh shirt! My Pooh shirt! Thank you Mommy for finding it! My Pooh shirt!" He even started hugging it and asked to put it on. I guess that is one shirt that won't be going anywhere anytime soon. I may have to save it to put onto a stuffed bear of some sort when he completely outgrows it. Ever since that day he has had it on many times while we are at home. I have also been able to slowly implement the rule of him having to take at least one bite of everything on his plate. It works most of the time. He put a carrot in his mouth the other day, but immediately spit it out. At least it made it to his mouth! I even ate some broccoli myself while we were out at dinner last week in hopes of Landon trying some as well. Landon has also mastered his ABC's for the most part. He still has trouble identifying the letters "N" and "K" at times, but other wise he knows all of his letters. Every now and then he will confuse "M" and "W", but I'm sure that is normal for a three year old. Now we have to work on the correct order of the ABC song. We will be starting on number recognition next week. Landon knows a few numbers when he sees them. Basically the number 1-5 he is able to point out correctly every time. He can count up to twenty, or eleventeen as Landon says, but can't identify all of the numbers on paper just yet. We're getting there though.

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