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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Smiling Chair

Have you ever wondered what a smiling chair looks like? Wonder no more! 

My chair now has a permanent smile thanks to Landon. I was cooking dinner when I heard Landon talking to himself saying that the chair was not smiling. I chalked it up to him just being silly and didn't give it much thought. Boy was that a mistake! As I carry our dinner plates to the table I see it...my chair cover completely covered in ink pen. I ask Landon why he drew all over the chair. He looks at me innocently and says "the chair has smile now Mommy" as if it were always meant to look that way and that he did something good. I rarely yell at Landon. In fact, I can remember the one time that I really yelled at Landon. It was when I stepped on a toy after asking him for the one millionth time to pick his toys up. This was the second time that I yelled at him. I didn't actually yell at him for the chair. He truly thought that he was doing a good thing by giving the chair a smile. I can't get mad at innocence. What I did get mad about was finding pen all over the previously spotless, white wall that was behind the chair. Landon immediately broke into hysterics, complete with lip quivering. We hugged it out and he then helped me try to clean it by spraying hair spray on the chair cover.  For the next couple of days he told everyone that Mommy was mad at him. In fact, shortly after the smiling chair incident my mom called. Landon got on the phone with her and immediately told her "Mommy bad. Mommy yell at me"- way to rat me out Landon! I couldn't get all of the smile off of the chair cover so it has now become the chair that Landon's booster seat sits on. Hopefully years from now when Landon is a pain in the butt teenager I will look at my smiling chair and smile myself at the memories of his younger years.

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