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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

It's been a while. I don't even know where to begin with catching up. I guess I will start with a couple of Christmas pictures. The above picture is the gift that Landon made for me with some help from his Aunt Jenn. Christmas decorating was very simple this year. Most decorations were handmade. Landon was at the perfect age this year to really enjoy making Christmas decorations. I think Landon's favorite thing to do was to cover pinecones in glitter. We then hung those pinecones from the hallway entrance. His second favorite decoration was the ribbon that I put on the front door. I think it was his favorite because he enjoyed tearing it down day after day!

We made some cinnamon ornaments as well, which Landon also had a blast doing. I was a little paranoid because I was afraid of him rubbing cinnamon in his eyes, but we came out unscathed and had rather cute ornaments to show for it.

 We also did different arts and crafts throughtout the month of December as well. Out of all of the different little projects that Landon made I think these three were my favorites.
One of my favorite pictures of Landon from Christmas wasn't even on Christmas day. It was from Christmas Eve when we set out milk and cookies for Santa. Landon snuck a bite of Santas's cookie and I caught him doing so while taking a picture. His guilty smile is priceless!
All in all Christmas was great. Landon received everything that he had on his Christmas list. A few things have already broken or never worked from the beginning. We have a few exchanges to do yet at the North Pole, but Landon has been getting plenty of use out of his presents so far, especially his skateboard and his Hotwheels wall track.

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