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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Writing to Santa

When did Landon become so grown?
 He's signing his own cards....
 ...and even making his own Christmas list for Santa!
There is not much that my Landon Love can't do these days. He was so eager to write his list to Santa. He really wanted Santa to know that he wanted a Mater car for Christmas. It's all I've been hearing for two weeks and counting! Every other sentence has been, "Mommy can we go to Santa's house to the North Pole? I want to tell him I want Mater." I finally convinced Landon that we could write Santa a letter. Landon wrote everything on the letter with the exception of "Roary" and "Hot Wheel Track." I held his hand while he wrote these because he said these words were "frustrating". Apparently Landon finds it frustrating to write a word with two "Rs" or to write long words such as "Hot Wheel Track". I helped him out on those two because the last thing I wanted was a frustrated three year old! I also spelled the words as he wrote the letter, but I think he did amazingly well for only being three. I'm so proud of him.

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