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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Videos of Landon

Landon has a walking toy that he loves to use to walk around the house. One evening Kevin and I were sitting on the couch and Landon was playing with his toys, then all of a sudden we see Landon walking across the living room with his walking toy. It was the cutest thing. We both sat there in such awe that he was actually walking with it. I finally got a video of him walking with it. For some reason he loves falling down while walking. He purposely does it every now and then and laughs hysterically when he falls. Landon is growing up so quickly.

Landon also loves bouncing on the couch and here is a short video of him doing so. He was bouncing on the couch while talking to Tinkerbell for several minutes, but as soon as I started recording him he stopped. You can still see a few moments of his bouncing on the video.

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