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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Landon's vocabulary

Landon is learning to talk more and more everyday. He still isn't saying much, but he definitely knows how to get his point across! Landon is now able to say:
  • Of course he says "Momma" and "Dada"
  • "Hi" and "Bye" while waving
  • "No, no, no" while shaking his pointer finger at us at the same time! It is the cutest thing.
  • "Tinkie" and "Doggie" Every animal that he sees is now a "Tinkie" or a "Doggie"
  • "Matt" for Uncle Matt. Matt is the only name that Landon can say for relatives...everyone else wants to change their names to something more simpler!
  • "This"
  • "Shoes" but it sounds more like "eewws" He'll bring his shoes out to me, walk over to the door, say "eewws" and then sits down to get his shoes put on. That's Landon's way of telling me that he wants to go outside!
  • "Thank you"
  • "Dang it" thanks to Uncle Alex

Landon will wiggle his fingers when you ask him where his fingers are. Landon can also point to his nose when you ask where his nose is and he will stick out his tongue when you ask him where his mouth is. He is getting so smart. Landon being able to identify his body parts is because of a book that I read to him everyday. He loves to read. We read all day long everyday and he has really learned a lot from his books. He'll even snort like a pig when he sees a pig or hears that word pig because of one of his books!

Landon's favorite characters are Tigger and Winnie the Pooh because that is the only show that he watches. His room is decorated completely in Winnie the Pooh so anytime that he sees Pooh or Tigger he gets so excited. Last night we went to Rooms To Go where Jenn works to pick up a Tigger area rug. She had it on hold for us because it was clearanced to $7! The rug is huge and Landon fell in love with it. Rooms To Go also had a whole entire bedroom set in a Winnie the Pooh theme and Landon spent about 20 minutes playing around on the bed and looking at the different Pooh items. When we put him to bed last night I layed his new Tigger rug on his floor and he kept giving Tigger kisses! Landon is always giving hugs and kisses, which is why I call him Love Bug or Landon Love. Landon amazes me daily with everything that he is learning and with how much he is growing. He now has 17 teeth! All of his molars have broken through and he has just outgrown all of his shoes.

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