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Monday, July 6, 2009

A day of reminiscing

Landon has been doing a lot of things lately that have reminded me of times when he was younger. These past few days Landon has been getting into the DVDs. This is something that he did at 7 months old and has just picked up the habit again. He still looks cute when he's up to no good.

Landon getting into the DVDs at 7 months old

Landon getting into the DVDs at 14 months old

Yesterday Landon insisted on wearing a pair of size 3 slippers. They are almost 2 sizes too small for him, but he still walked around the house in them. He even had to walk on the sides of his feet because his toes were curled up, but he refused to take them off. To top it off, he also went around in a hat that was several sizes too small.

Landon in his hat at 7 months

The same hat at 14 months

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