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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mud puddle fun!

Landon is definitely ALL boy! Landon and I took Tinkie for a walk today and he started stomping his feet in the puddles. I put his Crocs on him because I knew it was wet outside and didn't want to ruin his other shoes. I sure am glad that I decided to do so. Once Landon realized how much fun it was to jump into the puddles he made a bee line for the mud puddles. I couldn't catch him in time because Tink was tangled around me. Before I knew it Landon was laying down and splashing through the mud. He had a blast. He had so much fun that I allowed him to carry on in the mud for a few minutes. He thought it was the grandest thing to be able to run through the wet and muddy grass. He was completely covered in mud. What made it worse was that Tinkerbell followed behind him and was covered in mud as well. Wherever Landon goes Tink goes and it was no different today. It was quite the site as I tried carrying in a wet and muddy baby toddler along with a wet and muddy Pomeranian. Of course, like any good mother would, I had Landon stand outside soaking wet so I could grab the camera and take pictures of his first mud puddle experience!

Landon's muddy face!
Eating the mud off of his face.
Landon's muddy behind!
Cleaning his face off.
All smiles now that he is clean.

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