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Monday, August 3, 2009

The things we say....

Writing the last post of all of the words that Landon can say has made me think of all of the crazy things that I have said to Landon. Kids Moms say the darnedest things! Throughout these past 14 months I have said some things to Landon that I could have never imagined saying such as:

  • "I love you even though you pee on me!"- this was during one of those middle of the night diaper changes.
  • "The dishwasher is not a chair or a stepping stool"

  • "Are you peeing on the floor? I hear you peeing on the floor. Why are you peeing on the floor?! Tinkie doesn't even pee on the floor!"

  • "Don't share your popsicle with Tinkie!"

  • "We don't shove chicken up our nose!"

  • "Your toothbrush is for your teeth. It is not a broom or a hairbrush."
  • "Tinkie's water bowl is not a swimming pool!"

Kevin had a couple of saying that he wanted to add as well:

  • "I love you like pigs love pies!" That is one of our favorite sayings around here. We refer to a lot of children's books these days!

  • "Stop hitting Daddy" Landon treats Kevin like a punching bag.

  • "Landon, shake your booty!" The boy loves to dance!

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