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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Love Bug

When Landon was first born, I started calling him "Monkey". It suited him at the time because he was such a chunky monkey as a baby. I still call him "Monkey" every now and then, but I almost always refer to Landon as "Love Bug" these days. As his personality grew, I saw how loveable, huggable, and kissable Landon has become. "Love Bug" is such a suiting nickname for Landon. Landon loves to hug everyone and everything (especially Tinkie and his Poohs).
While we were at the mall play area, Landon went over to a little girl and little boy that were playing together. They were about 3 and 6. Landon immediately hugged them once he walked up to them.
The two other little ones were so protective over Landon from that point on. They held Landon's hands as they walked him around the play area. They had refused to leave his side the whole time that we were there. It was the sweetest thing watching them interact amongst one another. At one point the little girl had fallen and Landon laid on top of her to give her a hug.
They laid like this for about 2 minutes until the little girl's mother walked over. She was making sure that her daughter wasn't holding Landon down and preventing him from getting up. I assured her that that wasn't the case and that Landon was just a big hugger. Landon will be quite the Prince Charming when he is older. I am sure that I will have my hands full chasing all of the girls away. I am wishfully thinking that the girls will forever keep their distance from him and that Landon will always remain "Mommy's Prince Charming".

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