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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Allergist visit

Landon finally got in to see his allergist at Nemours the other day. The dr. did a skin scratch test on Landon. That was the one test that I didn't want preformed, but Landon was such a trooper and handled the whole process really well. He didn't even cry through the first 10 or 15 "scratches". For the next 15 or so scratches he cried a little bit, but I think they were more of annoyance tears rather than pain tears. The hardest part of it all was keeping Landon still for 20 minutes while we waited for the allergist to come back in to read the results. Landon wasn't able to touch his back at all so we sang "If You Are Happy and You Know It" over and over again. At least it kept his hands occupied. In the end, we received some good news. Landon has outgrown his wheat allergy! He is now able to eat bread, crackers, chicken nuggets, noodles, and all of the other daily staple foods that he has been missing out on. He does still have a mild egg allergy, but next week we are able to start introducing egg into his diet. We are to give him a scrambled egg one bite at a time. We are to wait 10-15 minutes in between each bite to make sure that there will be no reaction. The allergy is so mild that the allergist does not foresee egg being an issue for Landon. Landon does, however, still have a severe milk allergy. We were given an epi-pen to keep on hand in case Landon is accidentally exposed to milk. I don't see it being necessary since I am the one responsible for all of Landon's meals, but it does give us a peace of mind. Especially after he had such a bad reaction to yogurt. We just have to read all labels because I learned this morning that even certain breads contain milk. This morning I had made Landon some toast with jelly and then something told me to read the label on the bread. I am glad that I second guessed my choice because Sara Lee bread contains milk. All in all I am very happy with his allergy results. Landon now has so many more food choices that don't require us breaking the bank when we go grocery shopping. No more $8 loafs of brown rice bread! We return to the allergist every 6 months to re-test for the milk allergy in hopes that he will outgrown it as he gets older.

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