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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cookie Monster

Landon was able to enjoy his first cookie the other day-a snickerdoodle. He kept coming back for more and wasn't a happy camper once I cut his cookie flow off.
Enjoying his cookie!
Landon's mad face once the cookies were cut off!
Landon also enjoys animal crackers and Kix cereal. I need to stock back up on his apples and pineapples so that we don't make snacking on junk a habit. Although a snack bowl of Kix is so much easier while on the go, then having to worry about keeping his fruit at a cool temperature while out and about. I did start Landon on some egg as well. I made him french toast for breakfast and it was a big hit. He was able to enjoy french toast made on regular bread and with egg. Of course I still added a banana into the egg mixture. He ate the whole slice within minutes and was smiling from ear to ear while eating it. Landon had absolutely no reaction to the egg so I may make him a scrambled egg tomorrow morning for breakfast.

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