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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all! We had a great Christmas this year. I took a relaxed approach to Christmas. I didn't even worry about pictures, which is very unlike me. I allowed Jenn to control the camera and whatever pictures were taken I went with it. I usually have so much control over pictures and want to capture everything. This year I just enjoyed Christmas. I enjoyed watching Landon open his presents and playing with him. I appreciated the moment rather than spending it worrying about capturing the perfect picture. I realized last night after Landon was already changed into his pajamas that I never got a picture in front of the tree. I think that was the only moment when I regretted not having full control over the picture taking. Jenn was a good sport and took our picture in front of my mom's tree so that I have one to share. Landon was over pictures by that time and was ready for bed. He refused to smile.

Christmas morning definitely didn't go as expected, but a good time was still had by all. I fully expected to see Landon get excited when he saw his presents under the tree. He could have cared less. When he ran out into the living room he just asked for milk and to watch Toy Story. He didn't even want to open up his presents. His stocking still has all of it's wrapped presents in it. We may try opening those this evening. It took almost an hour for Landon to open anything. He wanted me to open them and then hand him the toy. Landon didn't want to have to put any work into getting the toys! After a while he finally started to unwrap his presents. He tore through the last several presents in seconds. He didn't even take a second to see what the present was. It was one extreme to the other with Landon yesterday morning when it came to his gift unwrapping. I guess you never can predict how a two year old is going to react.

Landon does have a few clear favorite toys. Out of all of his presents I think he likes his simple Mr. Potato Head the best. He wouldn't put it down yesterday. He received some really nice toys and the Potato Head was what he got excited over...go figure!

Landon was an extra good boy this year. In return, Santa was extra good to Landon.
Here are a few pictures that were taken Christmas morning of Landon opening his presents:

Now the Christmas fun really begins- cleanup! I think I have to take the tree down today. I'm allergic to pine, but I am able to deal with my allergies. I take Benadryl to get through the day- no big deal. But Landon has been sneezing all night and morning. I was going to keep it up for a few more days, but I think I have to take it down today. I would hate to think that we will have to get a fake tree for now on, but it's looking that way. I just hate seeing Landon so miserable when his allergies are bothering him. I had to give him some Benadryl as well so him and I may just snuggle up and take a nap this afternoon. He's bound to be tired after all of the playing he's been doing all morning. I know I am!

Merry 3rd Christmas Landon Love! Mommy loves you!

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