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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Please Touch

While we were in Pennsylvania, I took Landon to the Please Touch Museum. It was a great place to allow him to run around and explore. Not to mention it gave us a great escape from the cold weather. Landon had an absolute blast. The first stop was the water area. Of course Landon would find this area first. It has his absolute favorite water toys- rubber ducks! Landon had an apron on, but still managed to soak his pants and get me a little wet as well.

Right after the water exhibit there was an elephant and turtle statue. Landon ran up to them and said "cheese" which is my cue to take his picture. The elephant was made up of all different materials. I found it a little creepy, but Landon loved it. Maybe it was the ventriloquist dummy on it followed by the weird looking doll below it that freaked me out. I do know that I was glad once Landon spotted the turtle and moved away from the elephant.

We then came upon a walking piano. You know, like the one from the movie "Big". I was so excited to see this. Landon wouldn't walk on it at first. It took me acting like a fool and jumping all over it for Landon to get on it. I was more excited over the piano then Landon was. He did have fun on it in the end once he realized the keys made music when he stepped jumped on them like Mommy. The piano sure was a bunch of fun. I'm contemplating getting one for our living room floor!
I was also adamant about Landon taking a picture in front of Teddy Ruxpin. I loved Teddy Ruxpin as a child. I wish I still had him. I don't know what ever became of my Teddy Ruxpin, but I would love to find one for Landon. In my opinion, Teddy Ruxpin was the best toy EVER invented.
Landon had two clear favorite areas. The first was a room where you built styrofoam rockets and then launched them. It felt as if we were in there for most of the afternoon. Landon loved launching his rocket, chasing after it, rebuilding it, and launching it all over again.
Landon's second favorite area was a room with all sorts of ball activities. The first was where he could pick out balls of different sizes and colors and make them float in the air.
In the same room there was this contraption that pulled a ball up and then dropped it down a spiral thing when Landon turned the handle. It's really hard to explain so I will just post a video of it. This was another thing that Landon loved doing. He would get so excited every time the crank would catch the ball and raise it up to be dropped down the spiral ramp thing.

The Please Touch Museum really was a great place to take Landon. Even though he wasn't old enough for everything there was still plenty for him to do.

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