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Friday, September 16, 2011

Landon's 1st Bike!

Landon is growing up quickly. He's now peddling away from us! Landon has a brand new big boy bike. 

We kept telling Landon that if he was on his best behavior throughout the stores, then we would show him his surprise. After doing some Halloween browsing throughout several stores we were ready to give Landon his surprise. We took him to the store to pick out his bike. Buzz was his bike of choice. Kevin and I knew from the very beginning that Landon would be coming home with a Buzz bike so we scouted out a store that had it in stock.

Landon was having some trouble peddling at first, but once we properly inflated the tires he took off! I can't believe that his tricycle days are over with. Soon he'll be pulling out of the driveway in a real car instead of his Power Wheels car!
Landon was helping Daddy assemble the front tire while Mommy was assembling the most important parts...the decorations!

Landon is obsessed with Toy Story. It also looks like Woody will be his Halloween costume choice. I tried showing him some other options, but Landon was adamant about being Woody. So it looks like we'll have a little cowboy for Halloween. I was secretly hoping for a cutesie costume...a dinosaur, lion, something along those lines. I knew we had years of character costumes and was trying to persuade Landon into choosing a cutesie costume, but he was having none of it. He wants to be Woody and we can't change his mind!

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