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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Two Again

Dinner time is always an interesting time. I never know what Landon is going to say or do come dinner time. The other night was no exception. I put Landon's plate down in front of him and he wasn't thrilled. I made baked chicken tenders, potatoes, and carrots with sugar and cinnamon. I refuse to make dinner time into a battle in regards to Landon eating his food. I do, however, try encouraging him to at least take one bite of everything. Landon eventually licked all of the sugar off of the carrots, but refused to actually take a bite of them. When I asked him to take a little bite his response gave me quite the laugh. Landon folded his arms to his chest and said, "I don't want to take little bite. I want to be two again." I guess two year olds aren't made to eat their carrots! 

Later on that same night we did our normal bed time routine. Landon picked out three books and I read them to him. I then told him "I love you, goodnight". He responded with a little grunt and said "loves you too, but I don't like you!" My precious little three year old told me that he didn't like me because he had to go to bed. At least he still loves me!

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