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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Welcoming Fall!

The weather has been amazing these past couple of days. Landon and I have been enjoying most of our days outside. I hate to waste such cool and breezy days indoors. The weather has been such a nice change since it had been soooo hot for far too long. Seeing how we live in Florida, I am sure it will be back up to 90 degrees shortly so we are taking full advantage of these cool days. This morning I took Landon and Tink for a walk and we wound up at the tennis court. I closed the gate to the court so that Landon and Tink could run around freely. We spent over an hour outside playing with a ball, blowing bubbles, and chasing one another around. We would have been longer, but Landon managed to get his foot stuck underneath the fence so I took him back inside so I could check him over properly. Once I made sure that his foot was ok he fell asleep. I must have tired him out. Him and Tink are both currently napping on the bed. I plan to spend the rest of the afternoon outside once Landon awakes from his nap. I am even contemplating a picnic lunch. The weather is perfect for one. I just don't know if Landon's behavior would be perfect for a picnic! I am envisioning Landon eating more dirt than his sandwich....we shall see.

The face of a boy who decided to suck on the bubble wand! Even Tinkie got in on the bubble fun!Typical Landon- getting himself caught on the net.

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