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Friday, September 24, 2010

You're a Goose!

Landon has been going around pointing and laughing at people while saying "you're a goose!" This started when my mom tried teaching him duck, duck, goose. The only thing Landon learned from that game was how to call people a goose! We came across a goose at the Philadelphia Zoo. Landon was in awe when he saw the goose. He ran after it trying to give it a hug. Then the goose came running after Landon. Landon was not very happy afterwards. He re-told me what happened and I snapped pictures of him acting it out. "The Goose" as told by Landon through pictures:

There was a goose.

The goose tried to eat my hair and bite my head.

The goose was very scary. It scared me and I looked like this when it came running after me.

It was a very big goose!

I don't think Landon will ever run up to another goose again. I can't blame him though. I have a horrible childhood memory of geese chasing me onto a picnic table when I was 5. I have hated them ever since and won't go near them.

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