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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our July 4th

I love the Fourth of July. It is one of my favorite holidays. It's right up there with New Years Eve. What's not to love about the Fourth? The Fourth of July means cook outs, fireworks, family time, and usually activities around water. This year was no different. We spent the evening with Jenn and we grilled some hot dogs and then went off to The Landing. We walked around for a bit and then took a little ferry ride. Landon was begging for a boat ride so that is just what we did. Landon was so sweet on the boat. I was feeling sea sick almost immediately (darn those hot dogs and chili right before hand) and Landon tried to comfort me. He would place his hand on my knee and say, "I here for you Mommy." He melted my heart once again! Whenever he's not feeling well or scared of something I always place my hand on him and tell him that Mommy is always here for him. He did the same thing when Aunt TT told him that I was feeling sick. What a sweet, sweet boy! The boat ride was a little long for me, but Landon loved it.

Notice the little bit of purple underneath the flag? That was my first sign that Landon was going to have a meltdown during the fireworks. When he realized that the fountain was lighting up and changing colors he became scared. We weren't even allowed to walk by it because he would start screaming in fear. I'm not really sure why, but that should have been my clue to take him out of there while we were ahead. The firework display was torture. Landon screamed and cried through the entire thing. He kept screaming that he was scared and refused to look up at the fireworks. He would also become upset when I would look up at them. He wanted me to cover his face and ears the entire time and he still screamed throughout it.
My Landon Love was so scared and I felt so bad for putting him through it. Right before the fireworks began, he was excited for them. He kept pointing to the fireword character on his shirt and then pointing to the sky while asking, "Now? Now?" over and over again. We managed to pass the final minutes up until the firework display by finding creative ways for Landon to have fun. He found a small pile of leaves by the stairs and spent quite some time throwing them on himself.

He also made a little friend while we were waiting and they passed the time by playing with some toy trains and race cars. Minus the firework meltdown it was a near perfect night. We even managed to get a picture by the fountain early on in the day before the feared light display was turned on:

Right after this picture was taken the wind kicked in and we became soaking wet. And I do mean soaking wet. We looked as if we came off of a log flume ride once this picture was snapped. At least we cooled off!

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