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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Super Readers!

According to Landon there is only one super hero- Super Why! He could care less about Batman, Superman, or Spiderman. Maybe because he has never actually watched anything with them in it, but nontheless Landon thinks that the power of super reading is the only super power. He loves watching Super Why and the Super Readers solve reading problems. Landon goes around in a pair of orange goggles daily. He has been known to where them to Target and just about anywhere else that we go. The other day we came across two orange circles on the street. Landon was so excited when he saw them. He pointed excitedly while saying, "Look Mommy! The street has gobbles too!" Landon says "gobbles" for "goggles" which makes it even cuter! 
Landon even has a dance that he does along with the Super Why theme song. I'll have to try to sneak a video of it one day to share with everyone. He'll stop dancing once he realizes that I'm watching him so I'll have to be "sneaky sneaky" as Landon would say!

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