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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Fun

One of my most favorite parts of summer is the afternoon rain showers. It may mean that we are stuck indoors for a little while, but they never last for long and they allow us to have plenty of fun after wards. After a good rain I love to take Landon outside to jump in the puddles. It's always a lot of fun and he could spend hours jumping and splashing. 
 Another part of summer that we are beginning to enjoy is swimming. I have always loved pools, but Landon never shared the same love for pools. That was until yesterday. We spent two hours in the pool. Landon actually swam in the pool for two whole hours! I was amazed. It took him all summer last year just to become brave enough to sit on the ledge of the pool. Last month he would go as far as the second step, but now his is a little fish in the pool. He wouldn't let go of me or of the swimming ring that someone allowed him to borrow, but he had a blast. I'm so happy that Landon learned to love the pool. I see a lot more swimming in our near future. The only down fall to all of the swimming is Landon crashing. He fell asleep on the floor as I was making dinner. He napped until almost 8:00 p.m. which made for a very late night. I guess our pool time will have to be in the mornings for now on so that he doesn't crash in the evenings just before bed time.

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