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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Today was Landon's 1st Easter! Since it was Landon's 1st Easter this will probably be a long post with lots of pictures- just a quick warning! The Easter weekend started off yesterday with my mom and I taking Landon to the mall for his Easter pics with the Easter Bunny. Landon was a complete hit in line since he was in his suit. Everyone kept complimenting us on him. Landon loved the Easter Bunny and his pictures turned out to be really cute...expensive, but cute (thanks Mom!). After waiting in line and finally making it to the front of the line the Easter Bunny had to take a quick break so it was more waiting for us. Luckily Landon was well behaved. Somebody in line took a picture of my mom, Landon, and I on the Easter Bunny's bench while we were waiting. After Easter Bunny pictures we went to Stride Rite where my mom purchased Landon his first pair of walking shoes. He still hates shoes, but he should get used to them. We can never find shoes in other stores that fit him and it turns out that Landon wears a size 4 1/2 extra wide (he has feet like his Daddy)! Luckily Stride Rite had the perfect pair for him. After the mall we returned home and Kevin and I left Landon for the first time to attend a friend's wedding in Keystone. We have left him twice before for an hour or two, but never for several hours and with us going that far away. Everything turned out ok though and after awhile I was able to relax and enjoy a night out with Kevin.

Landon with the Easter Bunny

This morning when Landon woke up we showed him his Easter basket. I think he noticed the apple wheels right away and could probably care less about the rest of the stuff! We met up with Kevin's family in Orange Park and ate breakfast at Golden Corral. Landon ate so much food. He especially loved the ham and sausage. Landon received two more Easter baskets from his grandparents and Aunt Keyko. We then walked around Wal-mart to spend some more time together before heading to my mom's for Easter dinner.

Having fun at Golden Corral

The Figueroa men

Family Easter pic

At my mom's Landon got yet another Easter basket (4 total). I can't imagine what his baskets will look like next year when he can have a little bit of candy. And again we all stuffed ourselves full and Landon ate more ham. After dinner we went outside and took a bunch of family photos.

Even Tink was in yellow, but you can't see her dress

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