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Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunday = Fun Day

We were able to enjoy another lazy, relaxing Sunday. On weekends I usually talk Kevin into spending all weekend going out and about to have "fun". I have realized these past couple of weeks that "fun" doesn't have to cost anything and we don't have to go out and about to do so. We have enjoyed the park or sitting outside reading books just as much as going to the zoo or St. Augustine and there is no hassle involved in taking Landon out to the park like there is in the latter two. Yesterday we arrived at the park around 3:00 p.m. and it was the perfect time. We sat under a tree and there was a slight breeze. Landon enjoyed watching us blow bubbles at him. There were two little girls that spent the whole time with us. They fell in love with Tinkerbell and carried Tink around the whole time. Tink was so good with them, even when they were spinning her around! Landon, however, did not like them walking off with his puppy and he would start whining for them to bring her back.
Landon standing on his own!
Landon trying to walk to Mommy
Where'd Landon go??
There he is!

Landon has a new obsession with pushing things around. He carried the broom into his bedroom the other day and even pushed a box out of his room to the living room. He used the box as a stool so he could try to climb into his jumper.
"Look Mom, I did it!"
So proud of himself!
Landon trying to walk to Tink

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