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Monday, April 6, 2009

Landon's 1st trip to the zoo

Yesterday we took Landon to the zoo for the first time. It was a beautiful day out and didn't rain once like we thought it would. Besides my getting sun burnt and Landon peeing on me as we were leaving it was a great day. Landon loved all of the animals. Much to my dismay Landon especially loved all of the snakes. He would hit their glass enclosures to get their attention.

Of course Landon also loved the monkeys. He even brought home a stuffed monkey as a souvenir. Landon was so cute in his zoo outfit. People should have paid us admission to get in to the park to see such an adorable baby! I put him in a little one piece outfit the had monkeys all over it and to top it off he wore his monkey hat.

My mom bought a zoo membership so we will be able to take Landon back as often as we want throughout the year. It is so nice that we have a zoo so close. On those weekends where we have nothing to do and am wanting to get out we will be able to go to the zoo. Below will be a ton of pictures from the zoo.

Landon, Daddy, and a gorilla

Landon and Mommy on an elephant trunk

Landon on a carousel horse

Looking at the monkeys

Landon wanting to pet some really big animal

Landon wanted to pet a flamingo

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