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Monday, May 11, 2009

Landon's 1st Birthday Party!

This past Saturday was Landon's 1st Birthday party. We had it at a local park that Landon loves going to and it turned out to be a lot of fun. Landon had a good turn out at his party and he received lots of gifts. Thanks to everyone that came out to make Landon's day extra special. Landon really enjoyed himself. Especially with the cake. My mom made Landon the cutest cake. He made such a mess eating it, but had lots of fun doing it! The poor baby got a lot of icing up his nose and was sneezing it out all afternoon. He didn't actually eat the cake part, just the icing so there were no allergy concerns. I'm so glad that I allowed him to dig into his cake...it made for some really good pictures. Landon also enjoyed opening up all of his gifts and he currently has them all over the living room. He loves playing with everything.

Landon's cake

Family picture

I think he loved his cake!

Thanks Mom for Landon's cake!

Landon and his Grandparents

Landon with his Aunts and Uncles and Tinkie too!

Landon's birthday banner

Landon's centerpieces

Landon got a lot of presents!

Landon opening gifts

Landon just HAD to have this one open!

Sitting on his new toy while opening another one.

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