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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our Little Monkey is walking!

Landon is now walking. He took his first steps a little over 2 weeks ago and he has progressively gotten better. Landon can now stand himself up from a sitting position and take off walking. It's so cute watching him walk. He gets so excited and is so proud of himself whenever he walks. The only drawback to having Landon walking is all of the cuts and bruises. We took a walk outside today and he tried "running" after Tinkerbell and tripped. He landed face first onto the sidewalk and scraped up his chin and knee. It was Landon's first real injury and I am not looking forward to him having any more. I would rather Landon crawl for the rest of his life over seeing him falling like that again.

Landon's scraped up chin:

Here is a video of Landon's 1st steps. I'm sorry that it is sideways. I have no clue how that happened. I have more footage of him actually walking quite a bit, but it's on the camcorder and we still haven't bought the cord needed to hook the camcorder up to the computer. One of these days we will so that everyone can enjoy more videos of our Little Landon.

Landon amazes me daily with everything that he is learning. He now knows how his ball popper toy works and is able to place the balls into it. He also likes to place other items down into it, such as the car keys and pens! If we are ever missing anything I know to check the ball popper first!

Landon loves playing with Tink. Here is a pic of him playing tug of war with her!

Landon getting ready to stand up

Landon so proud of himself for standing up!

Landon's rocking chair is now complete and it turned out really cute- thanks Mom! My Mom made a chair pad for it out of Winnie the Pooh fabric that we picked out and Landon loves it. The only problem is that he also loves standing up in his rocking chair and rocking it while standing in it. I have a feeling that he will be needing stitches before his second birthday!

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