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Monday, June 15, 2009

A busy weekend

We were able to get out and enjoy the zoo again this past Saturday. Landon loves the zoo. He has an obsession with animals. He loves every different kind of animal, if it has fur, he loves it. I think Landon could have stared at the chimps all day long. Actually I think there were several animals that he could have stared at all day...that is until they come close to him! Landon and I fed the giraffes and he was terrified of them. They do come right up to you as you're feeding them and wrap their tongues around your hand. He was mesmerized by the giraffes until it was our turn to get up close to them. Once he came face to face with them, he had a change of heart and wanted to get away from them.

We took Landon to the little splash park that they have at the zoo to cool off for a bit. He was hesitant at first to go off and play, but as we were leaving he decided that the water looked like fun after all! He had a fun time and I am sure that by the end of the summer he'll really be able to fully enjoy the splash park.

Landon getting a lift from Daddy to the splash park!

Splashing in the water

Somehow Kevin walked away more wet than Landon did!

The zoo tired Landon out!

After the zoo we made a quick stop by the hospital to visit a friend who had just had a baby. Landon enjoyed playing with their other little girl who is just one month older than him.

Landon wishing the he had a baby sister!

Briana gave Landon a kiss!

On Sunday Landon and I went with my Mom to a baby shower. Landon enjoyed all of the attention that he received from everyone. He was so tired out by mid afternoon that he fell asleep in my arms. Landon has never fallen asleep outside of the car seat or his crib before. Not only did he fall asleep in my arms, but I was able to hand him off to my Mom who laid him down on the couch. He didn't wake up once and slept for over an hour and a half!

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