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Monday, June 22, 2009

Mommy being sick = chaos

I have been sick all weekend, but today was definitely the worst of it. Landon knew full and well that I wasn't feeling good and that he could take advantage of it. He took advantage of the fact the I couldn't lift my head off of the couch and destroyed the place. I have never seen him be so destructive before. Landon pulled out every last toy that he own and tore up any paper that he came across. He even made a game out of knocking the trash can over. While I was in the bathroom he even managed not only to knock the trash can over, but to pull out a can of chocolate frosting and eat the remnants of frosting that were in the can. He's allergic to chocolate so every part of his body that had the frosting on it turned into a rash. He sure didn't make my day easy. I also caved and allowed him to watch his favorite show "My Friends Tigger and Pooh" over and over again just so he would sit still. I don't like him watching tv, but I sure wasn't able to get down and play with him, and with the way he was acting today I didn't have many other options.
The destruction that Hurricane Landon left behind! And yes that is a swing and the bathroom trashcan in the middle of the floor!

Landon came across a brush and started brushing Tinkie!

Here's a cute little video of Landon dancing to his favorite show:

I hope that I start feeling better tomorrow so that I can get this place back into order. I would also like to see my sweet little Landon reappear instead of having a rambunctious toddler...although I know this is just the beginning!

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luv4horses118 said...

i hope you feel better. let me know if i can do anything.

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