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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Duck Feedings

The other *day Landon fed the ducks at the pond for the first time. Every time we go outside he makes a beeline for the gazebo that overlooks the pond to look at the turtles, ducks, and fish. He waves to each one individually and throws them rocks to "feed" them. I remembered to take some scraps of bread out with us this last time and Landon was able to feed the ducks properly. At first he was a little scared because the ducks came within inches of us once they saw that we had food. He hid behind me for a minute, but as soon as he saw me feed them, then he was ready to try it himself. He threw the bread out to the ducks and even called them in the same way that he calls for Tinkerbell. He tells Tinkie to come to him by slapping his knee repeatedly while making a clicking noise with his throat. He kept slapping his knee so enthusiastically to get all of the ducks to him. Once we ran out of bread he then went back to his old ways of feeding them rocks.

Landon running to the pond

Landon was "on the case" in search of more ducks. The Super Sleuths (Tigger, Pooh, and Darby) are always on the case in search of clues. When they say that they are on the case they stick one arm out while bringing the other arm across their chest. Landon does this motion whenever he pretends to be one the case for something!

*day really should read week since I haven't been able to upload pictures onto here in a little while. This post has been sitting as a draft for a couple of weeks now. Better late than never!

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