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Friday, February 19, 2010

Life According to Landon

Today has definitely not gone as planned. I have quickly learned that life no longer goes how I am wanting it to. Life is now going accordingly to Landon. I can no longer set out with mission plans for the day because no matter what it all comes down to what Landon wants to do. I woke up this morning on a mission to potty train Landon once and for all. I put him in a pair of big boy underwear thinking that once he was wet that he would let me know because he would be too uncomfortable to stay in a pair of wet underwear. Boy was I wrong. Landon was so caught up in playing by placing his Tigger and a stuffed dog on the potty seat that he could care less to tell me that he actually went to the bathroom. I never imagined potty training would be this hard and challenging. I thought it was going to be a piece of cake. Especially since Landon was able to tell me that he was about to go to the bathroom before he actually went at the age of 15 months. Just like he stopped talking around that time, he also stopped telling me that he had to go to the bathroom. Now he will go and when I ask if he's gone potty he will shake his head no. Even when I can smell otherwise. Landon may not be potty trained in a day's time, but he does look awfully cute running around in his new underwear. I bought him the Gerber training pants. They provide just enough padding to absorb some liquid, but not enough padding to keep him comfortable when he goes to the bathroom. Pull-ups have done nothing for him. He thinks they are just like a diaper since they absorb the liquid and he can't feel that he is wet. Hopefully by using the training pants more often he will be potty trained before his 2nd birthday. Here's to wishful thinking!

The other bummer of the day was the fact that Landon has not eaten a single thing all day. Yesterday Landon and I made a trip to Native Sun to pick up some dairy free butter and cheese. I also found dairy free french toast sticks for him as well. I made him the french toast sticks first thing this morning thinking that he would devour them because they smelled so good. I was wrong once again. He wouldn't even touch them. I then made his very first grilled "cheese" and had the camera ready to take pictures of his first bite, but he wouldn't touch it. Although I can't blame him there. I tried a piece of the so called cheese and it was disgusting. Once it hit my tongue I couldn't down a glass of water fast enough to get rid of the after taste. Landon wasn't in the room when I tried it so I thought he would at least give it a try, but no such luck. That was $20 wasted. Vegan butter and cheese is definitely not budget friendly. I wouldn't mind the sticker shock if Landon ate the food, but seeing him feed it to Tinkerbell made me think that I should have just flushed $20 down the toilet. I'm hoping to find a way to put the cheese and butter to good use. I am thinking about making him macaroni and cheese because so far he has never turned down a pasta dish.

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