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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Peanut Butter Mayhem

Landon is able to tell when I am not feeling my best and he takes full advantage of the situation. Remember this post here? Well, today Landon took it one step farther. Seeing how he is now a toddler and no longer a wobbly one year old he can create much larger messes in record time. I was lying down on the couch with a heating pad trying to make my pain go away. Landon took all of his Pooh figures and cars over to the stairs to play. He lines his favorite little toys up on the bottom step daily so I figured he was doing the same thing again today. I wasn't checking in on him because I was in a lot of pain and needed to rest on the couch. About 10 minutes go by when I realized that I wasn't hearing him "talk" to his toys like he normally does. I went to go check on him and was in for a surprise. Landon somehow pulled a jar of peanut butter out from the pantry, opened it, and then proceeded to stick his arm into the jar to eat it. He then decided to paint the stairs and my sister's dog. I couldn't believe it. It was the first time that he has ever done anything like this. Up until today his messes have consisted of dumping q-tips all over the floor and re-arranging the DVDs. he has never pulled a stunt like this. I am now officially the mother of a toddler! The best part of this is that my discharged papers state to "rest in bed and avoid exertion". Doctors are funny people. The doctor who filled out my discharge form definitely was not a mother to a child. I am Landon's sole care giver day in and day out. There is no bed rest and avoidance of exertion. What there is, is my carrying a very happy boy covered in peanut butter up the stairs to the bathtub and then turning around and having to carry a 40 lb dog up the stairs to the tub. I couldn't even get mad at Landon. I was the one who chose to lay down and rest, allowing Landon to play by himself. In a way I was asking for some sort of trouble. When I saw him covered in peanut butter I couldn't help but to smile because Landon had the biggest grin on his face. I had to get a picture of him before I cleaned him up.

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