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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Can We Buy a Vowel?

VHS, DVD...aren't they all the same? The only difference is a consonant or two. At least that is what Landon thinks. Jenn had a large box of old VHS tapes out and Landon found them. He discovered the Winnie the Pooh tape. He asked me to play it and took it over to the DVD player. I told him that it doesn't work on the DVD player. Landon had a simple solution for that. He lifted his shirt and rubbed the VHS tape on his belly to clean it! I then had to tell him that it still wouldn't work. Landon had yet another easy solution. He told me to get batteries for it! If only it were that easy. Landon's response and reaction to our VHS dilemma was priceless. He sure did give me a good laugh. I wonder what he'd do if he ever came across a cassette tape...maybe I'll hunt down my old Walkman for him.  

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